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Travel Tournament Policies & Information


Parents are responsible for booking player & parent air transportation which includes travel to and from the airport.  You may use points, miles, cash or credit and book travel on any carrier you choose.

Players must arrive at the designated team hotel before 9pm the night before the tournament and depart no earlier than 6pm on the last playing day.


Other Important Flight Items:

  • You will want to have your player at each destination the day before the event -- no later than 9pm to avoid disruptions and attend team meetings.
  • We likely will not know until the week before the event whether your first Pool start time is an AM or PM wave.  Keep in mind that Tournament Directors always reserve the right to change the start time right up until the day before the event.
  • If you have plans to do any sightseeing, please plan to do this in either the days before or days after play.   Once the event starts, our athletes will be either playing, eating, or resting together.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Typically, National Qualifier Tournaments publish that their latest matches are scheduled to start at 3:00pm with their respective completions at around 5:00pm.   Remember to allow time to travel to the airport, turn in rental car, check luggage, check-in, inclement weather and so on. 



Parents and Players must stay at designated TEAM HOTELS for all NATIONAL QUALIFIERS.  The Club will send out information and booking insturctions once hotels are confirmed.  Parents who choose to ignore this club policy will be responsible for all expenses the club incurs in the forfeiture of their team hotel room vacancy.

We will distribute all Attack travel hotel information for parents in advance via email.   This will allow you to make reservations in our assigned Attack hotels. Each team will have a certain number of rooms reserved.  As you may know,  ALL National Qualifiers mandate that clubs stay in approved hotels when traveling outside a given radius (usually 60 miles).   In order for Attack players and parents to get the best hotel rates and proxy to the playing venue, many (not all) Tournaments now give preference to teams who book the most "ROOM NIGHTS PER TEAM".  Typically if a team can guarantee 45 room nights per team they will get placed in a HQ Hotel within easy walking distance to the play site. This is an invaluable benefit when traveling to compete.

Attack Volleyball, as a club, gets zero benefits by way of kickbacks or other remuneration for this.  The benefits we ALL receive as teams are clear though--nice hotel, great rates, and most of all walking distance to the playing site.  Once you receive your designated hotel information it is important that you reserve your room asap.  This is why we require that parents and players who attend stay at the Attack hotel.

We do our best to keep costs in mind, but proximity to the venue will always be our number one priority.  Occasionally it may be necessary to assess additional hotel fees if situations arise beyond our control.  If this is necessary, a full explanation will obviously be given.  However, in such cases, it is club policy that 100% of families participate in these assessments.






Attack does not provide transportation to any tournaments. It is the parent's responsibility to plan transportation for their athletes to and from all events. For most out-of-state travel tournaments, we will typically be staying close to the convention center(s) and able to walk to the tournament and to malls, food and entertainment.  Airfare is not included in Player dues, nor coordinated through Attack.  Parents will be responsible for booking and purchasing their daughter's airline ticket and coordinating transportation to get her to the hotel.

Players are to report to the Team hotel by 9pm the night before the tournament begins and will need to book returning flights after 6pm to ensure they are able to play in the final matches of the tournament (normally 2-3pm).  If a player is traveling without a parent - it is the parent's responsibility to coordinate with other team parents for their  daughter to have transportation to the event and a place to stay.  Keep in mind that extra air fees apply in situations where a minor travels alone.  In this case, it is best to book under another parent's reservation to avoid these fees.



Each Attack Head Coach is responsible for determining playing time for his/her team.  As a club, Attack does not guarantee playing time to anyone.  It is in the best interest of the team that we compete for finishes as high as possible.  This may include some players not playing in certain matches.  The Head Coach will make their decisions based on a player's attendance/effort at practices, the importance of an event, attitude, and most of all, the team's needs.  As parents, please understand that our Attack Coaches will do their best to get everyone playing time, while maintaining our focus at tournaments on the team's success.  As a club, we  will get your athlete the best training in our practices and clinics, but we cannot guarantee playing time at tournaments to anyone.   If you feel you must discuss your child’s playing time with a coach, it is not to be done at any tournament.   Please save these discussions until at least 24 hours after the tournament.   As a club, we talk about the value of each athlete we have the privilege to coach.  Our staff of Professional Coaches will be thinking about your daughter and aim to put her in the best possible situation to thrive.



Traveling to play in National Qualifiers is classified by most schools as a Pre-Planned Absence day(s).   Most schools require that students give teachers at least two weeks notice that a student will miss school for events like this.   All 2016 Attack National Qualifier Absence Forms can be found here.  Alternately they can also be found under the “FORMS / DOCS” tab at the top of the page. We encourage you to take care of this sooner than later.  When getting these forms signed, please make sure you are printing off the correct weekend for your athlete. Many of the qualifiers we participate in have 2 separate weekends.   All tournament dates are listed under the “TOURNAMENTS” tab.



We understand the importance of an event such as Prom; therefore, in the case of Prom falling on the weekend of a National Qualifying tournament OR Regionals, we have implemented the following guidelines to allow SENIORS to attend their SENIOR Prom.

Each SENIOR will be allowed to attend their prom without punishment.
They will need to be present the day prior and the day after the (main evening) Prom event.
They will need to be present the day of the event until 12 noon (if the tournament is out of town) and 2:00pm (if the tournament is within the DFW area).
It is not fair to a team that has devoted so many hours in practices only to be disqualified from a tournament or to not be given a chance to qualify for Nationals because a few players are gone. It is also not fair to those who are seeking college scholarship and must be seen by colleges.


Drug and Alcohol Policy:

In order for the North Texas Region to support any disciplinary actions by our club toward a player, one of the two following procedures must take place in the event a player is in the possession of, or involved with, any type of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Option One: Go immediately to a clinic and have a drug test administered.
Option Two: The police will be called to file a report.
If the player(s) is found to be at fault, further action will take place depending on the severity of the issue. The player may be sent home from the event, dismissed for a period of time, or released from the team permanently (at the expense of his or her parent/guardian).


***Once the Club receives the first payment from the parent or guardian, then the Club and the parent or guardian have entered a binding contract consistent with the laws of The State of Texas.  The first payment is non-refundable.  Once the season ensues, as defined by attendance at the first Club meeting or practice, the parent or guardian agrees to make any and all payments regardless of value gained or player attendance.  There are no refunds.***