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UGB (Understanding the Game Better) Youth Program

Attack Volleyball has a passion for training the younger age groups in volleyball.  We offer non-club sessions in spring, summer and fall for players that aren't ready for the commitment of club season or are just trying to figure out the sport.  We provide these players a lot of technical training in order for them play at a competitive level.  The players that attend our clinics are the kids you see on the "A" team in school volleyball.

Our UGB (Understand the Game Better) Youth Program is designed  for non-club players that want to understand the game of volleyball.  It will focus on fundamentals and technique.   We will be covering passing, setting, hitting and serving.  Our UGB Youth Program is designed for 6th - 8th graders at a beginner level.  This is a fantastic supplement to whatever type training you are currently receiving such as school volleyball or YMCA leagues.



Wednesdays - 4 weeks

Dates:  Oct. 20 - Nov. 10

Time:  6:00-7:30pm

Cost:  $35 per session or $110 full camp (recommended)

Click the link below to sign up today!

Vini Petrunko


Phone: 214-995-8612