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TAV & Attack VBC

Over the past few months, our leadership staff has been working very hard to continue providing the best possible scenario at our gym for your daughter to learn and grow her passion for volleyball and become the best volleyball player she can possibly be.


Many of you have heard all sorts of rumors about our club and our gym. We can put all of it to rest now. We are pleased to announce that we are merging clubs with the number one volleyball club in the country, TAV. 


Our coaches have been involved with this process since we first began thinking about the merger. 


We want you to rest assured that the positive culture we have worked so hard to create over these last 10 years here at our club will continue.  


We will have 2 identical parent meetings that will answer all of your questions within the next couple of weeks.


More about TAV and the new structure....


TAV has a long standing tradition of competing and winning medals in the Open and USA Divisions of USA Volleyball. In the last 10 seasons, TAV has medaled over 70 times in these divisions at various age groups. No other club in our Region can say this and we are proud of our rich history of hard work converting to champions!


This summer, 11 more TAV teams will be competing for National Championships in the Open, USA, National, Liberty, and American Divisions. Additionally, Attack qualified 2 teams in the Liberty Division of USAV Nationals and we can’t wait to cheer them on in Indy. With the addition of Attack Volleyball to TAV, we look forward to the opportunity of more teams competing for National Championships in the Liberty and American Divisions, in addition to our traditional pursuit of podium finishes at Nationals in the Open and USA Divisions.


Our coaches from TAV and Attack will remain intact to create a rare opportunity of having top team level coaches in every division. We recognize not every player is at the same skill level, however, they all deserve the same level of coaching and we are excited to be a part of this new programming. While other clubs are content to simply qualify, our goal has expanded to offer ALL skill levels the chance to MEDAL at Nationals.


For next season, our teams to offer are:

TAV Black Teams - will be competing in the Open Division of all National Qualifiers (National for 11-12’s as Open does not begin until 13’s).

TAV Blue Teams - will be competing in the USA Division of all National Qualifiers

TAV Gold Teams (Previously Attack Black) - Will be competing in the Liberty Division of all National Qualifiers

TAV Silver Teams (Previously Attack Royal) - Will be competing in the American Division of all National Qualifiers.


* Some age groups will have 5 teams including Metro Team options!


We are focused on building a club where there is a competitive advantage level for every player to compete and receive the highest level of coaching available to them. The foundation of both our clubs has always been based on hard work and perseverance of our players and a champion mindset in all of our training. We are now able to provide for that vision under the TAV name and truly have a place for everyone to call home!


Our Pre-tryout Clinics for the 2022-23 season begin Tuesday, May 17. To register, simply click here!


May Pre-Tryout Clinics:

June Pre-Tryout Clinics:


We will have information in the coming weeks on parent meetings where we will be able to meet you all face to face and answer questions. Until then, please join us at our clinics and see why we are the #1 Volleyball Club in the Country!